Friday, June 20, 2008

Day 3: Washington DC

The kids were in need of a kid focused day and they requested that we go to the National Zoo. It sounded like a good idea to all of us so we headed to the metro to catch a train to the zoo. Problem was our exchange student Khim wasn't paying attention and failed to get on the train with the rest of us. We told her through the door to take the next train and get off at the next station. We thought she understood as she nodded, but we waited at the next station for her but the next train came and she didn't get off. I jumped on the next train back to her and found her on the platform looking lost, I called out but she didn't come, so I ran over got her and got back on the train to Rob and the kids. Needless to say Katie was very upset by the whole incident and made Khim her buddy and didn't let her out of site the rest of the day. After a rocky start the rest of the day went really well. We got to the zoo and immediately went to see the Panda's. There was no line like in San Diego and they had a nice large enclosure. After the Panda's we meandered looking at all the animals then on our way to the sea lions a strange thing happened. Katie, Nel and Chet decided to have a race as they were running a squirrel ran between Katie's legs and across Nel's foot. It surprised Rob and myself but the kids didn't slow down they just finished the race and proceeded to laugh hysterically. Then it was on to a training demo at the sea lion exhibit. Katie was fascinated and declared she wants to work with sea lions when she becomes a marine biologist. Then after the demo she stuck around and got to meet on of the trainers. The zoo was a big hit, in addition to the Panda's we enjoyed eating our lunch as the orangutans climbed over our heads on ropes and everyone was amazed by the fishing cat that actually caught a fish while we were watching it!

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