Saturday, December 08, 2007


Last night Nel and I had some special time together. I took her to see the University's Gymnastics teams do an expedition performance. Last year I took all the kids, but this year I wanted it to be something special just for Nel. She was so excited about it all week. When I told her we were going she yelled "Yeah I get to see Nicole again!" All the gymnasts did a great job, especially Nicole. After the performance we lined up to get autographs, I bought Nel a shirt and she wanted all the gymnasts to sign her shirt. Nicole was so nice to us, she let Nel come over and sit on her lap and talked to us for a few minuets. Turns out she is adopted too (from Korea) and her favorite event is bars just like Nel! It was a very nice night and as Nel arrived home she couldn't wait to show off her shirt to Dad, he said her smile was the biggest he had ever seen.

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