Monday, December 10, 2007

Lego Competition

This weekend was Chet's Lego competition. This year he joined a team at his school, but although he was able to participate in the preparations he was not allowed to actually compete. They made a rule that you had to be 9 by December 1st. So Chet helped his team prepare for the competition, and participated in the skit but during the actual competition he just cheered his team on. He really impressed me with his sportsmanship, when I offered to pick him up early to take part in another lego event held at my work he simply replied "No thank you I want to be there for my team." Chet's team finished second in the robotics portion of the competition, but they did not place in the overall competition, however another team from his school took 1st place in the overall competition and will move onto the state competition in January.

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