Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chicago and Schaumburg

The Kirbys headed out on Thursday to Chicago. It was Katie's turn to pick a museum so we went to the Aquarium. We all had a great time and saw many amazing things. The girls both decided to buy lizard stuffed animals at the gift shop. I am not sure why, they did have an exhibit with lizards but it wasn't their favorite thing. Anyway the girls and their lizards have not separated since. After the aquarium we headed to Millennium Park to see the bean. It was a beautiful day, especially considering it is November. We did our best to run all the kids energy out, then we jumped in the car and headed out to Schumburg and our time at the park worked, Katie and Nel went right to sleep holding onto their lizards. On Friday we swam in the hotel pool, went to Ikea and of course Woodfield Mall. Chet and Katie had a great time in the Lego store while Nel and Mommy went to Club Liby Lu to check out all things girly. Katie refused to go because she didn't want "any of that sparkle stuff on her head." As you enter the store they sprinkle you with fairy dust. Nel spent what felt like forever looking for something to buy with what money she had left and finally found some lip gloss she could afford, although what she really wanted was eyeshadow. On Saturday we headed over to a friends house for a visit. The kids had a blast playing with there kids, while the grownups got a chance to visit. It was a great trip, but it is nice to be home.

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