Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Beach

Our Bungalow
After summer school ended the Kirby's really needed to get away and relax so we planned a trip to the beach before the school started. We headed to Pranburi which is south of Hua Hin. This trip was much easier than our previous one to Kanchanaburi. Again we took the public bus, but it was a much shorter trip and the bus was much nicer.

Once at the beach we finally relaxed. We stayed at a resort called Dolphin Bay that was perfect for families. The set up was great and allowed Rob and I a chance to lounge, read and even get a massage. The kids immediately made friends and spent their days playing in the pool and at the beach.

After a few days of doing nothing we decided it was time to venture off the resort. We hired a local fisherman to take us out in his boat to do a little fishing. The trip out to the fishing spot was nice as we watched jellyfish float by. Once at the fishing spot we were given two fishing poles and 3 coke bottles with fishing line and a hook. We set about fishing. We didn't have much luck with the coke bottle, Chet finally caught one on it right before we headed back. Everyone caught a fish and of course yet again I out fished Rob. Although the fisherman out fished us all put together and he was using a coke bottle! When we finished fishing we headed back to the hotel and gave the fish to the hotel restaurant they cooked them up for us and we enjoyed a nice fish dinner that night.

On our last day we took another trip off the resort to Monkey Island. Monkey island is an island that filled with monkeys that is very close to the resort. Again a local fisherman took us over to the island. Then he gave us bananas to feed the monkeys. Nell was very excited about this and I think it was her favorite part of our trip. All too soon it was time to head back home and start the school year. We really enjoyed our stay at Dolphin Bay and hope to go back again.

Chet reeling in his first fish!
Our Fishing Boat
Me with my first of many fish.
Rob with his first fish, note how much smaller his is than mine.
The kids with our haul.
Chet and Katie waiting to dig into our fish dinner.
Katie, Nell and Chet at Monkey Island.
Chet looking cool on the way back from Monkey Island

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