Friday, July 16, 2010

Toilet Paper

When we went on our excursion last week to Koh Kret I knew I wanted to buy a piece of pottery. I was thinking about getting something practical that we could use around the house. Originally I was thinking a flower pot, since we were going to buy plants that day as well. Then we were in a shop and Rob and I both saw the toilet paper holder and we knew that would be a most practical item to buy.

For those of you who haven't traveled in Thailand or only ate and stayed at 5 star hotels and restaurants you may not understand how many uses toilet paper has in Thailand. At most restaurants including my school cafeteria there or no napkins to be seen, but on every table is a roll of toilet paper in a plastic holder. In many of the bathrooms, I am talking the nice ones there are no paper towels or hand dryers, but there is a big roll of toilet paper. In my classroom I have no Clorox wipes to clean after snack and no tissues for then kids noses, instead I have toilet paper. Of course there is also one thing that you must never do with your toilet paper in Thailand and that is flush it down the toilet! The plumbing just can't handle it and you will end up with a backed up toilet.


  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Of course I prefer the term "rolled napkins" or in boy scouts it is called "special paper" (from an infamous scout skit) or "A.P. paper" (for All Purpose).


  2. ok, this is very funny...and true! Not many paper products in Thailand and found toilet paper very often used for everything except what we use it for! Loving that fancy toilet paper holder and enjoying following your time there!
    Jen (Mom to Ruby Kate from Nakhon Si Thammarat)