Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soccer Update and More!

We have had two more soccer games since my last post.  A make up game on Thursday and our regular game Saturday morning.  We won both by a landslide.  During the Thursday game Chet scored a goal!!!  Of course I missed it because I was running Katie and Nel around to their activities.  Today Chet didn't score, but he did play hard, he was forward for half the game.  They have two boys on the team that are really good and they tend to be the ones who score the goals, but everyone is good about passing and working together.

In other news this week.  On Thursday while Chet was at his soccer game, Katie tried out the advanced beginning Irish Dance class and was asked to join.  Nel is also doing really well at gymnastics and finally got all the way down in her split.  She is continuing to excel on bars and is getting close to having her back handspring.  Now if only she would grow a little so she could get enough weight to get a spring out of the springboard on vault. 

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