Saturday, June 23, 2007

Swim Lessons

The kids are all enrolled in swim lessons right now. They separated Katie and Nel even though they are in the same level. Nel ended up in a class with all boys, and she hasn't been too happy about it, but she does have a teacher who is pushing her to try new things. Katie is in a class with mostly girls and a few boys, she is her usual social self. Her teacher on the other hand is treating her different than the other kids because she can't touch the bottom of the pool, so she doesn't seem to be learning as much as Nel. Although yesterday when she saw Nel doing things on her own, she decided to try too. Chet is loving class and is fastest in his class when they have races. His big fear is the deep water. The other they day they were supposed to go in the diving end of the pool and tread water, Chet didn't want to say he was scared but as soon as he saw Dad there to take him to baseball he jumped out of the pool and said he had to go. Well now that baseball is over he has no more excuses.

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