Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Okay so my friend Joanna tagged me, so now I have to share 6 weird things about me and 6 things that make happy.

Six Weird Things About Me

1) I was in a bike accident in the sixth grade and knocked out 3 teeth, 2 of which where permanent. I now have two fake teeth. Next time you see me try and guess which ones.

2) Speaking of teeth. I didn't lose my first tooth until the 3rd grade and I lost my last one on my 15th birthday.

3) My first crush was on John Travolta. I loved him in Welcome Back Cotter and Grease.

4) I can only read a book if I am in a perfectly quiet room all by myself. Which doesn't often happen with three kids.

5) I have a fear of Drive-Thru's. Although since having kids I am starting to get over this, but I prefer going in to order my food face to face with a person most times.

6) Birds freak me out. I think this goes back to watching the movie The Birds as a young child. I can't stand their eyes and those beaks.

Six Things That Make Me Happy

1) My children of course. The amaze me on a daily basis. Chet has such a great sence of humor, Nel is so strong and gracefull and Katie just always nows what to say to bring a simile to my face.
2) Chocolate

3) Being at the Lake in Montana on a warm summer day.

4) Sleeping children, especially when they are mine. They just look so sweet and innocent.

5) Ordering Pizza, having a beer and watching a movie.

6) Completing a task. I am a horrible procrastinator so when I actually finish a project it feels really good.

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