Thursday, October 19, 2006

Meet Darcie

(here I am holding a monkey in Thailand, the monkey is the one on the left)
Hi, I am Darcie. I am the mom in the Kirby family. In addition to being the mom I also work part time at our towns Recreation Center, creating and teaching childrens programs. When I am not working or mothering I enjoy reading, hanging out with my friends, cooking and of course traveling. As I mentioned earlier my favorite places I have traveled are Thailand and Montana. I love the Thai people and their laid back attitude of Mei Pen Rai. In Montana I love spending time outdoors the scenery is gorgeous and I like spending time with my extended family. If I could travel anywhere right now I would either like to go Italy or back to St. Petersburg, Russia.


  1. Anonymous10:30 PM

    What a great picture! I wish I had a monkey on my shoulder...

    I love your blog. You guys look like the coolest family ever.

  2. Who is on the right? We are enjoying the blog and learning how to communicate back to you.

    Love Ed

  3. Hi Darcie....great blog!!!

    Now, that is REALLY a monkey on your back!

    Look forward to more pictures and travels.....

    Love you - Silly ol' Aunt Pegg!!