Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Kirby Family

(riding an elephant on the island of Ko Samui, Thailand)

Meet the Kirby Family! We are a family of 5 who love to travel. It is our dream to one day take a year off and travel around the world, but until then join us on some of our shorter adeventures. Here are some of our favorite trips so far.

Rob: Prauge

Darcie: Montana/Thailand

Chet: Thailand

Katie: Chicago

Nel: Thailand


  1. Darcie
    Cute, I didnt know you wanted to take a year off, sign me up too. I can get my airstream trailer and tag along. Just me

  2. Hey Darc- nice blog, thank goodness you didn't use this opportunity to post one of your famous ugly pictures of me!!!!!

  3. Hey, I haven't seen these pictures from Thailand. Oh yeah, that's because you haven't sent us a CD yet. It sure was fun!